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Our Process – From Discovery to Deployment.


We start with our proprietary Business Strategy Assessment, a comprehensive review of your company and all of its operational and strategic initiatives based on metrics and indicators that are unique to your business, market segment, and overall industry. This allows us to gauge where your business stands, and gives our teams and clients a top down overview of all the different processes, tools, and people that make your business run. It is a boots on the ground discovery initiative that builds an accurate profile of your firm and its operations, and identifies the immediate, short, and long term issues and challenges being faced by your organization.


Once the Business Strategy Assessment is complete, our teams then begin the process of comparing your business to your competition, assessing it against your industry’s leaders, and stress testing your operations against foreseeable risk and opportunity. Through this process, we help our clients identify the best practices in their industry and amongst their competitive landscape, providing a roadmap of successively more valuable solutions.

Solutions Deployment

We use our newly cultivated knowledge and insight to build and deploy strategy and technology solutions aimed at alleviating the challenges, and pouncing on the opportunities that were identified in the discovery and benchmarking phases. We collaborate with our clients to deploy these solutions and integrate them into their operations in a seamless and pain-free transition, including identifying key metrics to measure the solutions’ results.


Once our solutions have been deployed, CPI supports our clients with continued training, troubleshooting, and overwatch/maintenance services. We maintain the relationships we create with our clients, as our objectives include maintained growth and long-term success for every single client we engage, regardless of the scope or time frame of various projects.

Additionally, many CPI clients execute our Business Strategy Assessment on an annual basis, regardless of project engagement, as it provides unprecedented insight into their business, and serves as an invaluable tool for gauging performance and aiding in strategic decision making.


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