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Report Grabber by CPI: Grab Your Data and Run

CPI’s Report Grabber for Business Reporting and Analytics.

What is it?: The CPI Report Grabber ™  is an automated data collection and reporting tool that works seamlessly with your organization’s [Booker ™] back-end platform.  Working to quickly and efficiently provide management with beautifully formatted reports, the CPI Report Grabber allows faster, more effective cultivation of business intelligence and insight, for both continued operations and strategy development.

What does it do?: The CPI Report Grabber ™ is an automation tool for your business intelligence operations. By cutting out many man hours of tedious downloading, formatting, and reporting, Report Grabber ™ mitigates both human error and speeds up the process of data reporting. Management can now focus on cultivating insights from deep dive data reports, vs. spending hours compiling and formatting the data beforehand.

What’s Under the Hood?: Written in Java,  Report Grabber ™ is designed to automatically login to [Booker ™] and request, format, and deliver any of their reports required by management, across the entire range of data fields available. Once Report Grabber ™ has compiled the pre-set data, it organizes the output into beautifully formatted Microsoft Excel ™ spreadsheets and e-mailed to management on a regular, automated basis.

report-grabber-cpiSee how Report Grabber ™ is working for the industry’s fastest growing start-up: Drybar ™ is growing. Fast. With plans to expand across the United States, the private equity backed start-up has corralled an impressive stable of executive leadership to execute their growth strategy. As part of that strategy, they need precise insight into their operations, across their multiple franchises. Utilizing CPI’s Report Grabber ™ , Drybar ™ is streamlining the reporting process for their [Booker ™] back-end. As a result, management is saving upwards of 20 hours a month with regards to report generating, formatting, and reporting. Furthermore, with Report Grabber ™ , management is given robust and easy to read reports, which become invaluable assets for both operations and strategic decision making.

Ok, I want it! Now what?: Contact us! CPI has prided itself on providing cutting-edge business intelligence services for the health, beauty and hospitality industry for more than 15 years, and we’d love to help your organization too. Get in touch today with a CPI consultant to discuss your organization’s needs, and formulate a plan to implement Report Grabber ™ in your organization today.

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