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Outsourced CIO / Virtual CIO Services from CPI

CPI’s Outsourced CIO / Virtual CIO solution provides seamless management of IT infrastructures with a dedicated part or full-time Chief Information Officer.

Managing information technology ecosystems is a critical aspect of running an effective enterprise. IT has become so ingrained in the modern organization that any issues threatening continuity and effective operations can risk the integrity of an organization’s entire business process. Since the fiscal demands to maintain an IT team have become overwhelmingly cumbersome, modern companies are increasingly turning to Outsourced CIO or Virtual CIO services to maintain IT systems and ensure operational continuity in an efficient and cost effective manner.

At CPI, we go beyond the traditional managed IT services that has come to define the industry. The goal of the CPI Outsourced CIO / Virtual CIO service is to place an experienced specialist, with a corresponding team, on watch and on call, to handle the entire gamut of your organization’s IT needs.

Providing peace of mind, and allowing you to redirect your focus away from IT problems, and towards your core business, CPI’s Outsourced CIO / Virtual CIO quickly becomes an invaluable human capital asset for any organization.

The CPI Outsourced CIO / Virtual CIO works to manifest a simple yet highly effective IT philosophy; One that ensures operational productivity, maintains connectivity and uptime across your entire IT infrastructure, manages security risks for your data, and creates a comprehensive plan to make sure your business is protected from disaster and the threats of externalities out of your control.

SMB and Fortune 500 organizations utilize CPI’s Outsourced CIO / Virtual CIO services for:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Security & Business Continuity
  3. Capital Planning & Technology Acquisition
  4. Leadership & Performance Management
  5. Process Improvement
  6. Architectures & Infrastructure
  7. Policy

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